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Your Hidden Symmetry

May 19, 2013


On the day you were born, a specific plan was laid out for your life. This path is based on the Japanese system of observing nine particular stars, called the Nine Star Ki (“key”). Nine Star Ki is the study of how the patterns of energy move harmoniously through time, and it incorporates the Chinese yin and yang modality. It has nothing to do with astrology or planets; it’s based on the cycles of the seasons, years, times of day, and the lives of animals, plants, and people—everything that lives on Earth. These energy patterns are validated through thousands of years of study. They are a reliable source of information, even for the skeptic.

Jean Haner helps you find the three main numbers that correlate to your birth date and then shows you incredibly surprising, yet also familiar, facets of your being and spirit. She discusses your main personality, your emotional self, and your life challenge and true calling. She then delves into the patterns of time and lays out what you can expect to go through based on what year you are in. It’s also important to look back on your life and learn more about yourself through what has already happened.

Personally, I vacillate between skepticism and gullibility. I try to always be open-hearted and want to be surprised or convinced when being exposed to new information. There is always something to be learned. So when I opened up this book and read that I can sometimes be easily influenced by others and then overthink things, it was like the author knew me personally. She also speaks about mandalas and trees, two things which I have developed a great love and interest in over the last several years. I also appreciate being able to use this book as a tool to understand how to interact with others in my life based on when they were born.

Haner closes the book by referencing wuwei (“woo way”), the Chinese word for the concept of action without effort. Essentially, wuwei is like being a tree; a tree doesn’t think about growing. It just grows. So, too, must we learn to align with our true nature. Once we do that, we don’t have to reach some goal. Instead, we can just be in the flow of our hidden symmetry and move with ease through the patterns of our life. In Your Hidden Symmetry, you will learn to lean in to the true nature of who you are. And who you are is enough.
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