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What Makes Us Healthy

Caroline Myss

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6-CD Set - Lecture In What Makes Us Healthy? best-selling author and internationally renowned speaker Caroline Myss delivers a thought-provoking live lecture on the current state of our health, explor... More

Dec 02, 2012 Moving My Spirit
“What Makes Us Healthy? Understanding Mystical Law and Your Parallel Reality” By Caroline Myss

“What Makes Us Healthy?” is a lecture on health, narcissism, and spirituality on a seven CD set. This lecture is yet another enlightening offering by Caroline Myss. I have yet to be disappointed by anything she has written or any lecture she has given. For anyone unfamiliar with her work, she is a medical intuitive, which means she can tune into a person and know not only what illness they have but also what caused it to appear in the first place. Her no nonsense style and lack of sugar coating is refreshing and unique. She has a gift for combining practical knowledge with spiritual guidance. The second CD talks exclusively about addiction and how we are all addicts of one sort or another and that one does need to be addicted to a substance to need healing in this area. She focuses a lot on our ego and emotions run amok and how they interfere with our health. Our arrogance and lack of Grace block our intuition and energy centers. She is an avid student of History and uses examples through time of how we have evolved (and not evolved) and how our ideas about health have changed. She describes how our vibration attracts illnesses of similar vibration and how this can bring about epidemics. The healing process works the same way, in that our vibration and state of Grace facilitates our healing. She talks about how as much we talk about wanting to heal, most us really do not want healing, only relief from the symptoms such as pain. That is why as a species we are so heavily drugged. This lecture really made me think about how I view, talk about, and treat myself when I am not healthy. I am far more aware of myself when I am speaking to others about how I am feeling. I catch myself during negative self-talk much more often now that I have listened to these CDs. It raised my level of awareness in this area of my life. I would definitely recommend this lecture to anyone wanting to learn about some higher principles of healing. This is about how what we perceive affects our health and not a guide to eating, exercise, or medical advice. Let Grace lead the way to true healing.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.
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Nov 14, 2012 kelthor

FTC Disclosure: I received this audio book for free from Hay House Publishing for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my own perspectives.

So a couple of months ago I posted a book review on my blog. Part of the deal from Hay House is that I receive the book for free if I review it on my blog. The first book I reviewed was great. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the second book – actually an audio book, being a cd set of a live lecture from Caroline Myss (actually pronounced mass).

What kept going through my mind as I pondered what I can write about this six cd set lecture is, “Caroline Myss is miss for me.” Ultimately, I think she does have some useful, thought-provoking things to say, I recall her questioning the use of the powerful word transformation, and questioning if we (collectively) even understand what transformation means in the larger context of energy. Fair enough assessment however, this cd set, titled “What Makes Us Healthy? Did not really address health (mental, physical, spiritual) at all, in my mind. I heard a lot of was what you should not do and how “we” collectively are all sharing the same illusions, but I did not hear much about how to nurture the inner world of the soul as is indicated on the blurb on the back of the cd set. Further the additional byline of “Understanding Mystical Law and Your Parallel Reality” was addressed by way of a historical argument of how we are as a society in relation to the Mystical Laws; and she delved into parallel realities and the possibility of living other lives in a parallel manner. I don’t know if she provided enough for me to facilitate further understanding this concept and how it impacts our health.

I think the biggest problem with this lecture is that it is a lecture. The way Caroline Myss expresses herself bars on ranting and raving. I recall there were many “you” statements stating things about what “you” are “addicted to” that I felt were assumptive and misguided. I struggled to get pass cd 1. I thought, why is this woman yelling at her audience with all these assumptions about how they think or experience life? Of course curiosity led me to wonder does she do this for the whole 6 cds? What about making it through the cds for the intended review that I signed up for? Fortunately by cd 3 Ms. Myss had changed her tone somewhat, but the accusatory aspects still seemed to creep up within the framework of addiction. Ms Myss does have a few nuggets of insight, but I found her approach distasteful.

Recently, in listening to another speaker who challenges realities, who I really like, I can say that Caroline Myss comes off as abrasive where as the other speaker I’ve been listening to persistently challenges but in a way respectful, encouraging dialogue whereby he is not the “source of all knowledge” but rather a guide to help us grow our ideas based on his own journey. I suspect that Caroline Myss’s approach is to “shock” her audience into questioning themselves and to provide “facts” of Mystical Law, however this just lead to me questioning Ms. Myss’s credibility and (misdirected?) anger. Perhaps this is a piece of learning for me to not assume when although something looks like it could be appealing and an easy task, i.e. enjoy a book, learning something new and to write a book review, it can end up being a onerous task that I wish I didn’t have; that perhaps, I need to choose more wisely.

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Oct 29, 2012 Unscribbling
I'll be honest with you, the first time I listened to this my thought was, "Damn! There may be some good content in here, but who likes to be b*tched at for hours on end?" Seriously? If you can't take tough love, this is NOT the audio book for you. I'm all for the tough love that Caroline Myss is dishing out in the audio, "What makes us Healthy?" I'm all for it, but… listening to it hour after hour is a bit much for even this straight talker. That said, I think this would have translated better as a book.

BUT, if you dare to tough it out and listen to it again, as I did, you will find some great content. And surprisingly it sounded slightly less harsh the second and third time around. Perhaps you get used to it and past the harshness and actually hear the words, or perhaps I am just a wuss and had to get a thicker skin… anyway, tough it out, as there are some great thoughts.

Ms. Myss goes beyond talking about our mind-body connection with our health and brings in the soul-mind-body connection, which is fascinating and takes so many thoughts on healing to another level. You will actually find yourself say, "I need to listen to that again," as some part of you will know that there is a truth being spoken that you need to hear and incorporate into your life.

Some of the messages that I loved or were resonating with me include:

"It is NOT all about me."

Basically, she is saying, "get over yourself!" To simplify that thought it's saying, if your boss said something to you in a way you didn't necessarily like - get over it - it might not have had anything to do with you as much as the fact that she broke her toe that morning. It is not all about you/me.

"If your wounds determine your reality, you're not going to make it… because you can't see the way it is. All you want is the way you want it to be… "

Are you a victim of your circumstances? You need to switch your thinking in order to heal.

"The importance of honest and integrity is more important than the food we eat and the way we treat out bodies."

I love this!!! So many people choke down their thoughts, and this does lead to illness in the body. We need to tell the truth, no matter what.

"I can only be an addict because I can't balance my relationship with truth. I know that my inner world, my inner guidance is more authentic than the outer, but I am not strong enough to follow it. So long as you aren't strong enough, you are an addict… and you will have to find someone to blame… you become addicted to blaming someone else."

Love how this is telling you to take responsibility for your life. Stop blaming other people for the way your life is. Accept it and move forward. And follow your inner guidance! We are not all here to live cookie-cutter lives that are exactly like our neighbors or our families. We are here to live our authentic lives. Be who you is, baby!

"This pain is calling me inward…. I need to follow this into myself. Something deeply in me is not congruent, and I need to find out what that is. This is not a pain I drug. It is a pain I listen to. This one is talking to me, because if I listen to it, it will take me to a place where disease will not form. And if I don't listen to it… it will become a disease… I am a candle in the night taking you to a place where you are lying to yourself, and together we will straighten out that lie. "

I listened to this at the same time I read "Healing Back Pain" by John E. Sarno (if you have back pain read it). As Ms. Myss says, "pain is calling me inward," and I think Mr. Sarno would agree. Follow your pain and you will find emotional areas that need healing, honesty that needs to be spoken and things that need to be expressed.

"Your only option is to surrender to God, and say, 'you take over because I can't manage down here… this is overwhelming… I don't know what I am doing, so you have to hover over me. Because left to my own devices I will simply want everything for myself. And I will forget that what is in one is in the whole and as above so below…'"

Two points with this one:

1. She often says "Hover over me God." Which irritated me at first, I think it is because the "god" word has so much baggage attached to it, but I tried it anyway - and darn if it doesn't just melt away the tension in your shoulders and bring you some instant peace. I like it.

2. "What is in one is in the whole." She goes on to say something about, "who can I help to heal as I go through this as if it is just for my benefit it is not worth it. Nobody ever asks who else can they help as they deal with their crisis…" I would beg to differ here. I think many foundations are started on the backs of disease of self or a family member. Many books (and blogs) are written to process the pain and help other's process theirs. We might not outright ask, "who can I help as I deal with my pain?" but we often do act in ways that are about healing more than just ourselves as we deal with our personal pain.

2.5. "What is in one is in the whole." Often times we feel alone in our pain, but we are all one. You are not alone and your experience may be able to help others. It is still a good thought and questions to bring up. "How can you make you dealing with your pain help others too?"

"Healing is an act of the soul - the mind can not heal."

Powerful! We can not deny the influence of our mind, but all in all it is the cells that heal internally. The very cells that pulse with the energy of… what can only be our soul's energy. The same pulse of energy that is in all things - which gets back to "what is in one is in the whole."

(P.S. If you have not already read Deepak's "How to know God" do it! He has a whole section in there about quantum physics and spirit/God. EVERYTHING in the world is the result of millions upon millions of pulses of energy at the cellular level. What can that energy be, but spirit/God? - Mind blowing.)

"Heaven waits till you are starving. But what you are generally serve is the thing you end up loving the most. But the thing you never would have ordered on the menu. This stage of evolution is about you developing a starvation appetite for love. But if it was let tup to you, it would be all about you… here, you develop an appetite you can't figure out what it is. Then one day, somehow, you are in a situation… and you discover you have an ability you didn't even know you had… and so it begins, your assignment, your awakening. And exactly where you would never choose… you discover you are needed… in a short while you begin to thrive… "

This is just such an exciting thought. Most of the time we just have to get to the point that we will try ANYTHING and then these new experiences that are better than anything we could imagine appear. Ah, dive into the chaos, friends! In the random you will find your inner peace! If you follow where your inner guidance is telling you to go you won't have to get to that inner point of desperation though.

"I have to get a grip on myself, and I prefer to think it is never me. Not in a narcissistic way, but in a humble way. Thus the grace of humbleness is going to be your great protection as you squeeze yourself down to size. And that will be the greatest lens as we go into understanding how do I reshape my understanding of what happens to me? How does a virus happen? How do I see things? Unless you can separate yourself from the events and the things and illnesses that happen to you you will never see clearly. And clear sight and truth are going to be your greatest navigating lenses in this new world you live in… in this world… these are systems that run on being congruent and that run on truth. If you are not truthful, you jam your circuits and there is nothing you can do about that… "

Be honest and truthful! And I'll be honest - I need to think more on the above before I can really make sense of it.

That is kind of how this audio will leave you – getting glimmers of insight, yet knowing you need to contemplate it more to REALLY get it. You will be left slightly confused, yet inspired. Good thing, in this regard, it is an audio book and that makes it easy to listen to it more than once and hopefully get new insights as you need them every time you listen to it.
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Oct 20, 2012 timlarison
Sometimes I read criticism of Hay House authors in that they promote a simplistic, positive thinking approach to life. It's all self-centered "happy talk". Those critics have not met Carolyn Myss.

"A spiritual path is not self serving, it's about serving others," Myss says early in her six part Hay House CD "What Makes Us Healthy?". "Its about what God expects of you, not what you expect of God."

Myss' CD is not for the faint of heart. She challenges listeners in segment after segment to take a hard look at how they are operating in the world. She's critical of teachers who emphasize a self-centered approach. "The human consciousness movement has changed (spirituality) to what we expect of God. All we have to do is think and it will happen, so entitled are we. Preposterous!"

Myss harsh tone had me thinking at times "get off my case, lady!" when listening to the CD. But I encourage listeners to stick with it. Her goal is to help her audiences reach their full potential. "Everyone who I am privileged to teach is a jewel that needs animating," she asserts. While her approach may seem negative at first, she is trying to shake us out of our unhealthy, self-centered habits.

Myss believes that experiencing pain in our lives is not all bad. "There's 'good pain'. It's not all about being happy," she says. "This pain is calling me inward. I need to follow this. Something within me is not congruent and I need to find out about that. Not drug it." These words rang true with me. I can think of times of great growth in my life, and those times were often preceded by periods of personal anguish.

One segment that spoke to me was about getting my own act together before I can really be of service. "I still have issues to work through," I think to myself sometimes. "How can I be of help to others?" Myss encouraged me to not let my own struggles stop me. "Is there anyone I can help heal while I am healing?" she says to ask yourself. "If I can lift this from another's heart, I'll take them with me."

If you are looking for a CD of positive affirmations, "What Makes Us Healthy?" is not for you. If instead you are open to taking a realistic look at your life, then I recommend listening to her lessons. It made me contemplate where I am self centered. "The spiritual journey is not a trip to the spa," Myss concludes towards the end of her CD. "We are expected to care for each other. You are not here just to take care of yourself. You (can be) a channel of grace."
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Oct 19, 2012 ginadrellack
I just listened to Caroline Myss' new cd series, What Makes Us Healthy. I was gifted the 6-cd set from Hay House in exchange for an honest review.

Caroline Myss is the Mystic Queen. Her ability to not only see the world objectively and archetypically, but to teach that viewpoint to others as well, is a joy and a gift. Her signature no-nonsense approach inherently reminds listeners to put and keep their big-people pants on and take ownership of themselves. If you need someone to gently stroke your hair and tell you repeatedly that it's all gonna be OK, this is not where you go. Caroline is not into feeding your Victim--she is about empowering you to own your situation, identify your needs, and act in accordance with (your) Spirit. Over and over and over again. Caroline's teaching is tremendously supportive, hugely encouraging, and never enabling.

Health is described less as physical and more spiritual, although make no mistake they are connected. A point of hers is that an individual with a physical condition may appear unhealthy, yet is spiritually whole: this person is truly healthy. Contrast that with an individual who is physically fit, whole, and agile, yet has no capacity for empathy: this person is in fact unhealthy despite appearances.

Health is described as integrity, honesty, and spiritual congruence. Can you act on your values and yet not judge those who don't? Are you able to keep negative comments to yourself? Even further, can you not have the negative thoughts toward another in the first place? When you say "Lord, bless everyone I come in contact with today," are you able to include your ex-spouse when you later receive their surprise, snotty email? Okay, now how about without feeling smug about being able to do so? Can you choose the high road consistently, not only when recognized for it?

All of us are on a path, and the Benevolent Queen does not chop off my head when I fall short of perfection. She knows that we all have the capacity for spiritual health, and her energies go into teaching me a firm "get up, and carry on" style. She knows I can do it, yet she also knows it is up to me to choose to do so.

If you are familiar with Caroline Myss, you will certainly appreciate this cd series. If you have not yet met this woman, you will be very pleased to make her acquaintance through What Makes Us Healthy. There is no prerequisite to listening, and your psyche and soul will feel so empowered that you will want to either revisit some of her other works or investigate it for the first time.
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Oct 16, 2012 RAnnRousseau
"To those whom much is given, much is expected." -JFK...sort of.

I hold Hay House Publishing in high regard for the work they do around the world. I've seen the hope and inspiration this company gives to those in pain and looking to get through the next day. That's why when I listened to this CD set, I found the material deeply disturbing. I say this while I think about the many listeners I've heard call into Hay House Radio over the years--those who are moving through a serious illness or emotional upheavals in their lives and those who appear to be permanently disabled--all looking for direction--how to be healthy again.

Then along comes Caroline Myss and her CD set What Makes Us Healthy? The title sounds like it may be answer. Here is an excerpt from the CD:

On CD 1 she says, "Health has been a leading indicator of narcissism. The reason you're not healing is because you can't get over yourself and the events that happened to you. Somehow the world should wrap itself around you and apologize as if it owes you something. Until the world acquiesces to your moods and temper tantrums, you simply won't heal. You won't play the game of life. Boo hoo to you. I've met more people like that than those who are willing to actually heal. How did we get this way?

Is this the best we can expect from a Hay House author who is regarded as spiritual leader in the world? Is this the message we want to give to those in pain?

I went through each of the 6 CD's and thought, I need Mel to listen to this.

When I'm given something this troubling to review, I get a second opinion. So, I call a friend who will give me their thoughts straight up. Mel is like that. He's been on a spiritual path since the 1960's and he's not afraid to tell the truth. I like the fact that he's seen Caroline's live lectures twice.

He dropped off the CD's to me yesterday, shook his head and said, "This is awful."

He described the CDs as six hours of being judged, labeled, defined, and belittled. "She rants about how horrible everyone is, bashes the gay community and calls everyone an addict."

I was shocked that Hay House would put out a CD where the author bashes gay people (stereotypes them) considering Louise Hay's deep ties with this community.

Caroline Myss goes on to bash spiritual seekers, the very core of the Hay House community, and tries to tell them what they think:

"People talk a lot about pursuing consciousness but they don't even know what that is. It baffles them. Today we casually talk about energy healing, chakras, healing today's illness that may be carry over from past lives. People are under spell. They don't have a clue. When people say they're on a spiritual path, they don't have a clue what that means. They're completely baffled. Does that mean you are suddenly conscious of values that you think other people never had? Is that what you think that means? That you're in search of peace and tranquility as if other people have never been in search of peace and tranquility? That great masters have no idea about peace and tranquility? What does that mean? A spiritual path is about illumination and truth. It's not about tranquility. That's the name of a spa. A spiritual path is not self serving. It's about serving others."

Disclosure: I am a Hay House Book Reviewer which means I may receive a book free of charge for review. My credibility is extremely important to me. This site is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own. Sometimes that's very obvious. I am also an affiliate of Hay House Publishing and Amazon. This means I receive a commission if you purchase Hay House or Amazon products linked from this website.
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Oct 13, 2012 TheLoneJourneyman

What makes us healthy?

Caroline Myss sets out to ask a question that is important to all of us.  Many of us believe health is a purely physical thing: if I have a cold I am unhealthy.  Others believe health is a purely spiritual or religious thing: if my mind is not right and I do not stand for what I believe in I am unhealthy.  Caroline encompasses health from a mind/body/spirit perspective.

Although I had not listened to any of Caroline’s previous lectures I found this one very easy to follow and understand.  Of course some of the material might have been a little heavier, leaving something to ponder; the great thing about the Lecture on CD’s is that you can just pause whenever is necessary to let the messages sink in slowly.  Having done so many times myself has lead me to question some of the beliefs I held prior to hearing Caroline speak.

One thing that really stood out for me was when Caroline spoke about addictions.  Addictions are not purely physical things (such as drug addictions, etc.) but can be emotional as well, such as an addiction to power, or to playing the victim, etc…  They serve as tools that point out areas we need to work on for ourselves if we are able to get to the root of the behaviour.

All in all I loved this lecture set, and will be recommending it to many friends so that they may re-evaluate their perspective on health as well.

DISCLAIMER: This book was provided to me free from Hay House for review purposes.

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Oct 11, 2012 Ravenb28
I've had the opportunity to listen to and write a review for Carolyn Myss' Audio book What Makes Us Healthy published through Hay House. I have to say when I listened to the first CD (there are 6 in the set) I was a little taken aback. I've never read or listened to any of the teachings by Carolyn Myss. I sat in my studio for a good 45 minutes after the CD had ended just pondering everything that was entailed in the first CD. Carolyn really draws a wonderful way for us to maneuver through the way we currently view the world and our believed hardships within it. The problem was she was so blunt I felt like she was talking directly to me. LOL This ended up being such a blessing. I found my daily "reading" time to be calming, a time of clarity because I had the opportunity to learn from an old friend. I love the way she addresses the listener in her blunt and direct manner. It really hit home with me and I'd encourage you to pick up this Audio book. It was such a wonderful learning experience for me personally. I think I've found a new favorite!

I would like to also add that I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the audiobook from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.
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Sep 21, 2012 EvaAtCore
Wow, there is nothing like listening to a Caroline Myss lecture. In this instance it’s her latest CD set “What Makes Us Healthy | Understanding Mystical Law and Your Parallel Reality. I have been following Caroline Myss for at least 15 years and have had the opportunity to see her speak on a few occasions. Her books are great but hearing her live brings home the message in a way that only she can deliver and deliver she does in this 6 CD set.

Caroline states that current methods for healing have little to do with medicine but more with getting your spiritual house in order. She tries to firmly move us out of our old outdated ways of thinking about health and into the new. The message this time is so clear and anyone on a spiritual quest can feel it. Caroline reiterates our feelings and does everything in her power to get us off of our yoga mats, out of spas and snap us into action already! The CD’s contain information that either I’ve missed or have not seen presented anywhere else. The message is compelling and helpful. But as with all mystical concepts it leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Not because Caroline isn’t thorough but because there are just some things that aren’t answerable….yet.

Now is the time to make a move, change our ways, learn to listen fully to our intuition and go with what it tells us to do. The days of only working toward getting a bigger car, a bigger house, a better paying job are over. Worry about getting your soul in order first, not feeding your ego. No one said it was going to be easy but it’s no longer an option, it’s a life requirement. Caroline’s approach is no nonsense and tough. She stresses rigor and discipline. She’s has been studying mystical laws for her entire career and her message is delivered with conviction and passion. I’m so glad this was a CD set and not a book because a book wouldn’t do her message justice. It wouldn’t be heard as clearly.

Her discussion of the causes of addiction is worth listening to alone. Yet the CDs contain so much useful information I found myself backtracking and listening again more closely. I like that I can spend my drive time getting lectured instead of just listening to the radio. I will listen to these CD’s often.

The CDs came to me at just the right time. I had left my job with a truly clear and not self indulgent purpose. I knew I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing. Something needed to change. The feeling in me was so strong and clear, not whiny or entitled. If you too are feeling pulled toward the spiritual or if you really want to know how to improve your health and are open to mystical laws I highly recommend this set. Just keep in mind that this is only the beginning of your journey.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher to review. The opinions are my own and in no way reflect the opinion of the publisher.
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Sep 18, 2012 alpha_andy_omega

Caroline Myss's audio program What Makes Us Healthy? is amazing. About halfway through disc one, I found myself shouting "Holy crap!" several times. This is the heavy duty approach to spirituality. Caroline pulls no punches whatsoever. I was blown away, quite a few times I had to hit the pause button and just sort of let the messages sink in. If you are interested in a holistic approach to healthy living and healing, you need to hear this lecture. I've been drawn to the ideas of the consciousness movement for a few years now, but I've never heard it explained this well, nor have I heard anyone so succinctly describe the history of new age ideas and where we as a people stand right now, and how we'll most likely be remembered by future generations. Caroline Myss is a great teacher. There are some hard lessons she teaches over the course of these 6 cds. Frankly, some of them scare the Hell out of me, but I intend to "cowboy up" and do the work. If you like your inspirational teachings "airy-fairie" and weak in the knees, you may not want to hear all that Caroline has to say on "What Makes Us Healthy?" but I really think you need to give it a listen. She's funny, and entertaining yet tough as nails. Tougher than many a good coach, personal trainer, or drill sergeant.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the audiobook from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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Sep 13, 2012 blessedelements

What makes us healthy and what is the secret to living a healthy life? Caroline Myss takes on the question and if you think she is going to coddle any self pitying excuses you have for your reasons why your life is not going right, well then, you must not know Caroline Myss.
This is a great CD set and if you have ever wanted to attend a lecture but was never able to then this is the CD set for you.

I have read several of Caroline Myss books and I find her a really 'deep' author. I often have to high light and study sections of her books to grasp the idea she is presenting and reread her books to understand her messages to the fullest. This CD set will be no different and I will continue to listen to this set and no doubt will continually learn something new.
The underlying idea of this CD set is that for us to be truly healthy we must strive to understand ourselves and those forces surrounding us that influence our lives. Once we recognize that our power does not stem from money, sex, power and entitlement but our true power comes from our inner self (soul) then we are on a journey to a healthier life style.

The goal then is to trust the power we truly have by our inner guidance system to recognize the illusion the world has established and the attitudes it promotes for the easy way out. Power is choice in every aspect of our life.

In this 6 CD Set, Caroline Myss takes a frank look at our declining society consumed by entitlement and how each of us are responsible for its continued decline because of our nurturing of our excuses of not taking responsibility of our own characters, power of decisions, and our addictions stemming from our refusal to believe that our Inner guidance (soul) is always stronger than any force that confronts us.

Inner illumination is realizing our relationship with the world of matter and our stamina of our soul. Those on this journey then realize that it is not all about us but is a journey that we all travel together. Dismissing excuses from our lives empower us to know that we now always have options and decisions to make for our own lives. The ego, that we all posses are what blocks us from the truth by way of pride, fear, greed and the need for power. It is the ego that blocks us from truth and causes imbalances and illnesses. This CD is a spiritual journey to lean how to dismantle the walls we have constructed and put our trust back into our inner guidance that leads us back to a balanced life and health. There are so many thought-provoking aspects of this CD that it is impossible for me to capture it all in this review.

I received a products to review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed in this post are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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Sep 10, 2012 ASimpleGuide
In “What Makes Us Healthy?” Caroline Myss has outlined the stages involved in maneuvering through the parallel universe that we now live in. The old world, where the physical and material focus of money and power reigned supreme, we are now at the entrance of a new world, where our old ways of being no longer works.

Ms. Myss, in her down-to-earth, relatable and yet—non-sugar coated manner, very truthfully sits us down and gives it to us straight. In this new world, there is no room for staying stuck in the past or living our lives as wounded beings. She explicitly explains that we have all been hurt and wounded, and yet it is time to move on now. We can no longer embrace relationships were we focus solely on our wounds, or where the requirement is that someone must give us special treatment because our lives have been hard, or because we had a troubled childhood. That psychic energy can no longer remain as the dominant theme of our lives. To be certain, Ms. Myss does understand our pains, but how long must we remain there? It is time to move on now and what I loved about this 6 CD set is that it guided me inward and allowed me to see what areas of my life I have been repeatedly re-living that no longer serve me.

Also, this new world that we have entered in, where the new currency is the psychic, it’s the mystical powers that govern, the laws that are and have always been—these are now at the forefront and we must tend to these things, while still keeping foot in the realities of the old world, as we quietly move through to the next level of our evolution. In this CD set, Caroline Myss talks about addiction, and not just external addictions, but our addictions to power and special treatment. Our addictions to our wounds and cravings and that getting to the root of those things requires more than focusing on doing this or that, but going inward and discovering what the root cause is and what it was that required us to go there in the first place. Because once we understand the why, we can begin to say goodbye and move forward.

We can no longer wear our self-enlightened, spiritual masks or shirts as something that we only put on when there is a crisis. You should not focus on healing only after an ailment occurs. Healing should not be something that we pursue, to serve us only when we see fit, only to be abandoned when we feel it is no longer needed. In this new world that Caroline Myss speaks of, healing has to be the way we live. Integrity has to be the new language. Honesty has to be the norm. Doing what you need to do, everyday, whether or not you feel like it, but because it is the right thing to do is the way to embrace and encourage true healing at a soul level.

Also, Ms. Myss states rather emphatically, that as we move forward, it is no longer about focusing on how to just heal you or better yourself. As she says, “take someone with you”. Make your focus, how can I heal and how can I help someone else who I may or may not even know, heal as well. “What Makes Us Healthy”, really puts into words what a lot of you may have been unable to. I know it has for me. Just yesterday, as I felt myself pulled in two directions about something, I said to myself “Oh…. parallel universe!” One part of me desperately wants to hold onto the old, while another part of me is ready to move forward. This set has been very
empowering to me.

This book was provided to me for free from Hay House for my review.

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