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You Can Trust Your Life DVD Set

Louise L. Hay, Cheryl Richardson

Affirmations, Health & Healing


On this remarkable DVD set, Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson share spiritual tools you can use to create a life that honors your soul.

You will learn how to:

  • Refocus your thinking throughout the day so you are able to manifest positive life experiences.
  • Employ new daily rituals that promote self-love and self-acceptance.
  • Heal your relationship with yourself and others by using the power of forgiveness.
  • Quiet the inner critic that scares you and keeps you stuck.
  • Create powerful affirmations that realign your thinking so you can enjoy a good life.
  • Work with affirmations on a daily basis to make important life changes.
  • Get back on track when you feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts and feelings.
As you use this program, you'll marvel at the way you're developing a gentle, more loving relationship with yourself—a relationship that will reward you with the life of your dreams!

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Jan 18, 2013 MaryAnn Koopmann
I found this book not only educational, but also an eye-opener to the myriad of ways we uplift or drag ourselves and others down with our thoughts, our words. By putting the right thought into the right word has created many positive changes in my life. I've been doing the exercises with a friend and both of us got a lot out of these exercises.

I made an affirmation; every day I take a step toward my dreams. I look at this during the day to remind myself I am working on becoming the person I want to be.

I found very useful insight and strategies for better communication in any area of life. I purchased two DVD’s for gifts. Even if you listen to the first chapter and stop you will gain insight.

I enjoyed this DVD and have incorporated some of the concepts into everyday use. There is a bit of repetition, but it is necessary as the exercises require you to repeat actions or thoughts in order to make them part of your everyday routine.

This DVD, with its' theme of You Can trust your Life, lays out very effective strategies for dealing with a variety of conversational situations. The more difficult the situation is, the more valuable this format is ... therefore we must practice long before the situations arise so that we can act instead of react. I can attest that using the strategies in a number of critical personal and professional scenarios yielded outcomes far better that they would have prior to knowing about these tools. Wholeheartedly recommend!

I would recommend this DVD to anyone who wants to improve their relationship with others and with themselves by using these powerful exercises.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.
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Jan 23, 2013 alpha_andy_omega
You Can Trust Your Life is the new 4 disc DVD intensive from Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson, two beautiful souls who are responsible for bringing a lot of good into this world. This 2 day seminar was filmed in front of a live audience, and manages to entertain while getting across some very deep spiritual teachings. If you're new to the ideas of consciousness, or a veteran on the path, there is much to benefit from here. The interaction between these two ladies, and the audience is delightful, and inspiring to watch. They certainly walk their talk. They really go deep in this seminar. I particularly enjoyed the section on "tapping", or Emotional Freedom Technique. The question and answer period with the attendees was most enlightening. Positive thinking, affirmations, and mirror work are powerful techniques. The practicality of each is given a thorough examination. For instance, the difference between an affirmation and a denial is discussed, and expertly explained. You will learn life saving, and life changing tools in these lessons. If you're interested in improving your life, your self esteem, becoming more grounded in the present moment, and/or discovering your true potential you'll discover a lot of valuable information and inspiration in You Can Trust Your Life. I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the DVD set from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.
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Jan 29, 2013 AndyB
This program is divided into 4 DVDs, a total of about 6 hours of live footage spanning 2 days of teaching by two extraordinary life coaches who complemented each other on the stage. During the course of two days, Louise and Cheryl coached avid learners on wonderful hints about improving your self esteem, loving, forgiving and many other techniques proven to develop a better awareness of your soul for the benefit of not only yourself, but the lives of others around you, through creating a positive environment.

With real examples of situations that happened in their own lives, these inspiring ladies transform ordinary events into positive thinking tools to help each person get back into their spiritual alignment and dissolve toxic material from their lives. It's interesting to see how the audience connects to their interaction. During some segments, the audience is invited to share their feedback, and it's very helpful to listen to what they bring into the table and how Louise and Cheryl help them improve their thinking patterns. It's eye opening, when you realize that you have so much in common with other people's lives and experiences, where you can relate and benefit from the advice and coaching given in each situation.

Mirror work seems to be specifically beneficial - and hard to do. Who has the courage to look up in the mirror every day and state confidently how much you love yourself? It can be uncomfortable at first, but with practice you learn how to be your best friend. There's also a segment that touches on the principles of "tapping". For those not familiar with it, I would suggest doing some research and start practicing it as soon as possible. I'm impressed by the technique and benefits it can promote to one's life. At the end of the 2 day live session, Louise delivers a powerful guided meditation of forgiveness. Not to be missed. A great life lesson to develop and improve, and guide yourself in the right direction to manifest your best life experience ever.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the set from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.
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