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Sophia Stuart

Empowerment, Inspirational

Has it just been one of those days? Or months? Or years? I was once in a yoga class (a rare yoga class, I'll admit), where the teacher had us all exha...

Alex Woodard

Empowerment, Spirituality, General, Memoir

Author and singer-songwriter Alex Woodard was in the audience, waiting to be called to the stage to perform at New York Times bestselling author Dr. W...

Wayne W. Dyer, Kristina Tracy, Saje Dyer

Empowerment, Family & Parenting, Children's Books

In Good-bye, Bumps!,Saje Dyer, daughter of best-selling author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, tells a remarkable story from her childhood in which she was able to...

Jamie Turndorf

Psychology, Relationships, Family & Parenting

Heated fighting triggers a biochemical imbalance in men that causes them to flee from conflict. The technical name for this is the Demand-Withdraw Neg...

Daniel Barrett, Joe Vitale

Empowerment, Self Improvement, Health & Healing

Personal problems? World problems? Healing issues? Creativity challenges? They can all be resolved with a fun new method called "remembering." The Rem...

Amit Goswami

Psychology, General

In this mind-expanding work, physicist Amit Goswami, Ph.D., explores the world of human creativity—the ultimate source of joy and fulfillment—through ...

Michelle Buchanan

Inspirational, New Thought, Alternative Health, Health & Healing

Numerology is the ancient metaphysical science of numbers where your name and date of birth reveal the blueprint of your life. The Numerology Guideboo...

Doreen Virtue, Yasmin Boland

Astrology, Angels

Learn about the archangels who work with your birth chart in Doreen Virtue's Angel Astrology 101. Co-authored by the widely published astrologist and ...

Miraval, Justin Cline Macy, Kim Macy


Miraval's Sweet andSavory Cooking is a blend of two styles of cooking by Miraval Resort and Spa's Executive Chef Justin Cline Macy and Pastry Chef Kim...

Doreen Virtue

Spirituality, Inspirational, Empowerment, Affirmations, Self Improvement, Angels, Health & Healing

Do people take advantage of your niceness? In this groundbreaking book, Doreen Virtue teaches Earth Angels—extremely sweet people who care more about ...

Wayne W. Dyer

Inspirational, Memoir

For many years, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer's fans have wondered when he would write a memoir. Well, after four decades as a teacher of self-empowerment and the...

Gay Hendricks, Tinker Lindsay


Keep current with the truth: we're only as weak as our secrets—especially the ones we keep from ourselves. That's the Third Rule of Ten.As the go-to p...

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